Anonymous asked: so if i send something how do i now it went on the tumblr page

As it it got made into a Fact?  You’d have to check back later and see.  If you submitted it using your URL, we’ll credit you in the caption. 


Anonymous asked: Just to let you know (well the person who submitted it really because it's not up to you to fact check), the fact about Mikey and Spinelli from Recess being Janice and Damien in Mean Girls is incorrect. They are all four separate actors.

haha, that wasn’t the meaning of the post. they meant that we all have come to accept that the Mikey and Spinelli characters are very similar to the Janice and Damien characters.

- greatbritishcheese


Anonymous asked: this blog is amazing

thank you! it’s always fun to get nice feedback for a change, haha. :)

#hate spam is annoying


Anonymous asked: We all respect and support the LGBT community

This is already on the Rules page but thank you for the submission! :)


Anonymous asked: How did the "don't talk about tumblr outside of tumblr" come about? I mean why can't someone talk about it?


Anonymous asked: Can you explain where #34 came from? and/or what it means?

it’s a Whovian meme- the cast and crew of Doctor Who made a music video which went viral.


Anonymous asked: How do you know what gifs you can download and upload yourself and use they way you want on tumblr, and which you can not? Some are obvious, but some I get really insecure about D:

i answered a few questions about this on the Rules blog- here are some links!! if you still have questions, feel free to come back. :)

link 1

link 2

link 3


Anonymous asked: How do I change the background of my Dashboard?

i’m sure there are a bunch of options, but i use an extension called “Stylish”, which is available for Firefox and Chrome. hope this helps!


Anonymous asked: Oi, we're patient!

well, some of you. XD

thank you for bearing with me while i set everything up!!

i just want to make sure that all of my blogs are the best they can be for you guys!!

p.s. the faster i get votes on the color poll, the faster i can start posting. :))